PM Kisan Yojana: Problems increased for more than 81 thousand farmers, check here if you are not on the list

PM Kisan Yojana: Problems increased for more than 81 thousand farmers, check here if you are not on the list

Many types of beneficial and welfare schemes are being run in the country for almost every section. The government bears the entire expense of these schemes. Many other schemes including health, insurance, pension, and employment are running in the country. Similarly, the Central Government is also running a similar scheme for the farmers, whose name is Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. Under this scheme, there is a provision to give Rs 6,000 annually to the eligible farmers and this money is given in three installments of Rs 2,000 each every four months. But do you know that there are more than 81 thousand farmers who have been considered ineligible? Probably not, so let us know why this has happened and what are the reasons behind it. You can know about this in the next slides...

What is the matter?
In fact, according to media reports, more than 81 thousand beneficiaries taking benefits under PM Kisan Yojana in Bihar were found ineligible. All of them were taking advantage of the installment of Rs 2,000 available under the scheme.

Why were they found ineligible?
Media reports suggest that many of these people paid income tax and many beneficiaries were found to be deprived for other reasons. Since the case of such a large number of beneficiaries availing installment benefits wrongly came to light in Bihar, the administration is investigating more cases.

What will happen now?
Under the rule, the benefit taken from these ineligible beneficiaries will be taken back i.e. the installment money will be taken back. Under the scheme, approximately Rs 81.6 crore will be recovered from ineligible farmers. For this, notices will be sent to people, bank accounts can be frozen and if necessary, legal action can also be taken.

You get this much benefit
Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojana is run by the Central Government and till now 14 installments of this scheme have been released. In this, installment money is sent to the bank accounts of eligible farmers through DBT. Every four months, three installments of Rs 2,000 each i.e. a total of Rs 6,000 annually are given to each beneficiary.

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