Health: Why should Makhana be eaten during pregnancy? Which problems do you get relief from..

Health: Why should Makhana be eaten during pregnancy? Which problems do you get relief from..

Makhana Benefits In Pregnancy: Pregnancy is the most pleasant feeling for every woman. In such a situation, every woman wants that her delivery should be normal and the baby in her stomach should be healthy. For this, you must include some dry fruits in your diet. Especially makhana. Actually, Makhana is considered a storehouse of nutrients. Of course, you can eat it anytime, but it is very beneficial during pregnancy. Eating makhana during pregnancy can have many benefits for the health of the pregnant woman and her baby. Now the question is why are Makhanas beneficial during pregnancy? What problems does it solve? How many Makhanas is it okay to eat in a day? Dr. Amrita Saha, the gynecologist of Government Medical College, Kannauj, is explaining these questions in detail…

Makhana is a storehouse of these nutrients
According to Dr. Saha, the consumption of makhana is beneficial during pregnancy. Actually, many nutrients like fiber, calcium, iron, protein, zinc, potassium, and magnesium are found in Makhana, which is essential during pregnancy. Apart from this, the amount of calories in Makhana is very low, so you can eat it as a snack. Due to this, the health of the child growing in the mother's womb remains good.

How many makhana should we eat in a day?
According to Dr. Saha, eating makhana is very beneficial for pregnant women, but avoid eating too much. For this, it would be better to eat only one to two handfuls of makhana in a day. By doing this both mother and child will remain healthy.

5 miraculous benefits of eating makhana during pregnancy
Bones will become strong: Eating Makhana during pregnancy strengthens the body. Actually, makhana is a good source of calcium. In such a situation, it works to strengthen the bones. Eating Makhana during pregnancy can provide relief from the problem of bone and joint pain caused by pregnancy and delivery. For this, if you eat Makhana after frying it in ghee, it will be better.

Improves anemia: Consumption of Makhana also compensates for the anemia in your body. Let us tell you that many women complain of anemia during pregnancy. In such a situation, if you eat makhana then your hemoglobin level may increase. In such a situation, you can remove the lack of blood in the body. You can consume it in limited quantities.

Provides relief from constipation: During pregnancy, many women suffer from constipation, which is very important to get rid of. To avoid this problem, you can include makhana in your diet. Let us tell you that Makhana is a good source of fiber, which helps in improving digestion. For this, you can eat Makhana by roasting it or boiling it in milk.

Improves fetus development: Makhana is also beneficial for the health of the baby growing in the stomach. Eating makhana during pregnancy is beneficial for the development of the fetus. Let us tell you that by eating Makhana, a pregnant woman gets all the essential nutrients. Apart from this, consuming Makhana regularly during pregnancy does not cause many problems like weakness and fatigue.

Prevents insomnia: Consuming Makhana during pregnancy helps in better sleep. Actually, many women suffer from insomnia due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Let us tell you that Makhana is rich in isoquinoline alkaloids. Its regular consumption provides relaxation to the mind, which leads to good sleep.