Collagen supplement uses side effects and precautions: - If you take collagen supplements to look young then take special care of these things

Collagen supplement uses side effects and precautions: - If you take collagen supplements to look young then take special care of these things

Everyone desires beautiful and youthful skin and collagen supplements have made the path to this desire easier to a great extent. The use of collagen is beneficial to a great extent in bringing a natural glow and glow to the skin as we age. In such a situation, the trend of collagen supplements has increased these days and everyone, men and women, are crazy about it.

But when it comes to skin and health, caution is very important. Today in this article we are going to tell you about what things are important to keep in mind while using collagen supplements. We talked about this to Dr. ViplavKamble, Skin and Hair Specialist at Shatabdi Hospital, Maharashtra and we are sharing the information received from him here with you.

Skin expert Dr. ViplavKamble explains that collagen is a protein, which helps in the formation and development of skin as well as hair, nails, bones and muscles. In such a situation, collagen plays an important role in improving the quality of a person's skin, hair and overall health. If we talk about skin, it brings a natural glow and moisture to the skin, which makes the skin look better. At the same time, with time the level of collagen in the body starts decreasing, due to which the effect of age starts appearing on the skin.

In such a situation, the use of collagen supplements proves helpful in fulfilling its deficiency in the body with increasing age. The use of collagen supplements helps reduce the effects of ageing on the skin as well as keeping the skin hydrated. This makes the skin look beautiful and youthful and hence there is a craze among people for the use of collagen. This is also true to a great extent because wanting to make yourself look better is not wrong, but at the same time, you need to have complete knowledge about its use.

The use of collagen can be harmful in these circumstances

According to skin expert DrViplavKamble, although the use of collagen does not have any direct side effects, in some circumstances its use can prove to be harmful. For example, the use of collagen supplements during pregnancy can be harmful. Apart from this, the use of collagen supplements can also prove harmful for women who are breastfeeding. In such a situation, these women shouldn't use collagen supplements.

At the same time, if you are undergoing any kind of treatment and are going through the process of medication, then the use of collagen supplements should be done thoughtfully.

Take special care of these things while taking a collagen supplement

Even under normal circumstances, it is important to keep some things in mind while taking supplements. For example, its consumption should be started only after taking advice from a skin expert, because the skin expert determines its dosage according to the needs of your skin and body. To get the full benefits of collagen supplements, it is important to determine the correct dosage.

At the same time, if you have any kind of food allergy, then you will have to tell the expert about it because because collagen supplements and powders are made up of many types of food items, using them without testing them can also give you an allergic reaction.

Health experts advise you to take appropriate supplements keeping in mind your physical condition and needs. Thus, if these things are kept in mind, then the use of collagen supplements can be safe for you. But it also needs to be understood that collagen or any kind of supplement can never be a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Balanced eating habits, adequate sleep and a routine are very important for a naturally healthy and beautiful body. Therefore, instead of relying on such supplements, it is better to regularize your daily routine and eating habits.

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