Tips and Tricks: iPhone battery gets drained quickly? read the article to fix this...


Tips and Tricks: Apple gives much better battery life to all its devices than before. Whether it is iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Watch. Nevertheless, a few days ago there were many allegations regarding the battery consumption of Apple iPhone. After this, the company has also started providing features like battery and performance management in iPhone for its user in its models. Some special efforts have been given to the users by Apple, which they have to use. They are - updating the latest software, protecting against high ambient temperature, separating some cases from the device at the time of charging, and when storing the device for a long time, keeping it in half charging only. Apart from all these tips, we have many other tips which you can follow.

Some tips have been given on Apple's official site Apple. in to increase battery life and maintain the maximum life of the iPhone. The most important step of these is to be kept with the latest software of the device.


How to update iPhone

  • First of all visit the settings of your iPhone.
  • Tap on the General option present there.
  • After that tap on Software Update.
  • If you see the option of update, then tap on it, there your iPhone will start updating. But for this, you have to take special care of the battery. Because while updating software your battery should be more than 20%.

Dim the brightness of the phone (How to dim display rightness or turn on auto brightness)


  • First, open the Control Center.
  • Drag the brightness slider down.
  • To activate auto-brightness, click on the Settings option.
  • Tap on Accessibility by tapping on the General option present here.
  • Now tap on Brightness Accommodations.
  • Here set Auto-Brightness to on.
  • How to Enable Low Power Mode Manually?
  • For this, first, go to the settings.
  • Scroll down and click on Battery.
  • Now go to Low Power Mode and set it on.

How to turn off location services?

  • First, go to Settings.
  • Now click on Privacy.
  • Then tap on Location Services.
  • Here we are talking about shutting down those apps which use location services.

How to close all apps in the background?

  • For this also, first, go to the settings.
  • Now tap on General.
  • After this click on Background App Refresh.
  • Select Off here and Background App Refresh will now be fully featured.