Social Media: Don't want to pay on Twitter? So try these 5 alternative apps, for more information read this...


Twitter Top 5 Alternatives: As Elon Musk has taken the command of microblogging site Twitter, he has announced many changes. At the same time, ever since he asked to pay the blue tick subscription to Twitter since then Twitter users are running angry. On this, a fence of men has also been put on Twitter. Under the new change, Twitter Blue Tick users will now have to pay a monthly subscription charge. In such a situation, if you also want to leave Twitter, then these 5 apps will not let you feel the lack of Twitter.



Koo is an Indian microblogging platform. It has more than 5 crore downloads. You will find the interface of this app very similar to Twitter. Apart from English and Hindi language, you will be able to use it in 10 other languages. The special thing about this app is that on this you will be able to post your post in 500 words.



Cohost is a new social media platform, which is currently in beta testing. On this app, users can post messages on their timelines. However, a subscription plan can also be added to it like Twitter.



The social media platform Clubhouse is a voice-based conversation platform. Generally, any social media platform is used for text-based chatting. Apart from this, users can also create audio chat rooms on different topics.



A mastodon is open-source software that decentralizes social networks. In this also you can post up to 500 character limit. Apart from this, this platform can also be used for art forms such as music, podcasts, etc.



The special thing about the Tumblr app is that users can post long posts in the style of a blog. This social media app was launched in 2007. Apart from this, Direct Messaging ie DM feature is also available it. Also, you will be able to post photos and GIFs on this app as well.