Aadhar card: How many times name, date of birth, and number can be changed on Aadhaar Card, read to know...


Aadhaar Card Update: You can get the name and address updated on the Aadhaar card. There is a limit to this too. No change can be done without OTP. Only one Aadhaar number is issued to a citizen.

Aadhaar Card Update: Now financial work cannot be done without an Aadhaar card. Now it has become an essential document. Aadhar is required by the government scheme to an opening bank account. In such a situation, the details of the Aadhar card must be completely correct. If you have to make some changes to your Aadhaar, it is easily done. You can get the name and address updated on your Aadhar card. However, there is a limit to this too.

The Aadhar number is issued once


A citizen gets only one Aadhaar number in his entire life. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India. Aadhar card consists of 12 digit number. By which the information of the citizen concerned is revealed. It contains much information including address, name, and age. If any wrong information has been entered while making Aadhaar, it can be rectified. However, UIDAI has fixed a limit.

How many times name can be changed

UIDAI has fixed the limit for Aadhar card holders. Any citizen can get his name changed in his Aadhaar data only twice. You can also change the date of birth once. At the same time, gender information can be updated once in Aadhaar.

Must have registered mobile number


To make changes to your Aadhar card, you have to visit the official website https://www.uidai.gov.in/. Make sure to keep the registered mobile number with you to update the information. Without the OTP on it, you will not be able to make any changes to your Aadhaar.