Wooden Floors: 5 Tips to Keep Wooden Floors Clean Like New, read for know more...


Nowadays it is a trend to make wooden floors instead of marble or flooring in the house. It is also considered quite trendy and stylish. But people seem to be very upset due to the marks and scratches on this floor. Wheelchairs, tables, and other furniture should be avoided and rubber wheeled chairs should be used to protect and maintain the smoothness of your floor.
1. Chairs


  • Chairs with wheels should be avoided if there is a wooden floor in the house, as the wheels scratch the floor, which makes it look very dirty and old.
  • You can maintain the beauty of your floor by using rubber-wheeled chairs for wooden floors.

2. Footwear

  • Wearing shoes on the floor should be avoided, as small stones and objects get stuck in the soles of the shoes and they can be scratched by their rubbing while walking on the floor.
  • Apart from this, do not wear sleepers or shoes while roaming in the house.
  • The soil in them can also leave a mark on your floor.

3. Furniture Tabs


  • There are many types of tabs (a type of pad) available in the market for furniture, which is installed under the wheels of chairs and tables.
  • With this, you can move chairs and tables on the floor without any fear.

4. Oiling and Finishing


  • Floor scratches can be gotten rid of by applying oil and finishing.
  • There are various types of kits available in the market for this including oil, which can reduce the spots to a great extent.
  • It is important to keep in mind that such oils and finishers should be of good brands only.

5. Using a soft towel

If water, dust, mud, or salt falls on the floor, clean it with a soft towel. Clean it daily with a vacuum cleaner or broom to protect it from dust, and dirt, as not doing so can leave marks on the floor and the floor can also lose its luster. A floor cleaner to clean the floor and a good company wax polish to maintain shine can also be used.