Winter Special: Do you have pain in your joints too, read for a cure...


You already know that those parts of the body where bones meet are called joints. Like knee, shoulder, elbow etc-etc. If there is any kind of problem like stiffness or swelling in these joints of the body, then the pain starts and this is called the complaint of joint pain. Nowadays it has been seen that the problem of joint pain in the body is becoming a common problem and because of this there is a compulsion to go to the hospital continuously and take medicine.

One thing that you should know is that the complaint of 'Arthritis' is the most common reason for joint pain. But apart from this, there are many other reasons for joint pain, such as injury to a ligament, cartilage, or any of the small bones that can also cause pain in your joints. These are very important parts of the body. Due to these, you can get up, sit, walk, bend the body, etc. and it is possible to do all this. That's why when there is a pain in the joints, the overall health of your whole body gets affected.

Today we will tell you many important things related to joint pain. After knowing their reasons, you will be able to avoid them. Here we are also telling you some remedies to get rid of joint pain. By adopting them, you can get rid of this pain quickly.

cause :

1. Many times there is a complaint of joint pain with aging.

2. When there is a hindrance in the supply of blood to your bones, even then you start suffering from pain in the joints.

3. You would not know that blood cancer is responsible for joint pain.

4. Minerals in the bones, that is, there is a complaint of pain in the joints even when minerals are deficient in the body.

5. Sometimes, walking or running quickly puts a lot of pressure on the joints and joint pain starts.

6. Infection in your joints is also the cause of joint pain.

7. Many times this complaint is also caused due to sprain and injury.

8. Many times there is pain in the joints due to the breaking of bones in the body.

9. If you have any kind of complaint like bone tumor etc. then there is a possibility of joint pain.

10. Apart from these, arthritis, bursitis, osteochondritis, rupture of cartilage, wear and tear of cartilage, etc. are the main causes of joint pain.

Redressal :

1. Joints should be protected from injury

If there is an injury to the joints, it can also break the bone, so try to keep the joints safe from injury. Whenever playing any sport in which there is a risk of injury to the joints, wear joint safety pads on the body

2. Must be dynamic

Always be on the move to get relief from joint pain. If the movement of the joints continues, then you will not suffer any kind of pain for a long time. Stiffness is felt in the joints even after sitting in the same position for a long time.

3. Weight should be controlled


If your weight remains under control, then your body and all the joints of the body will also remain healthy. Excess body weight puts more pressure on the knees and waist and due to this, there is a fear of breaking the cartilage of your body. Now in such a situation, it is very important to keep your weight under control.

4. Should not stretch too much

If you do regular exercise, then you are also advised to do stretching along with exercise, then always keep this in mind while exercising, do stretching only three times a week. Stretching should not be started immediately. Instead of doing this, do a little warm-up first.

5. Drink Milk


Calcium and Vitamin D are found in abundance in milk, which is very important to keep the joints strong. That's why milk must be drunk every day. Due to this, the bones become strong. If you do not like milk, then eat foods made from milk, such as paneer, curd, etc.

6. Maintain proper posture

To get relief from joint pain, it is very important to get up, sit and walk in the right posture. Your correct posture protects all the joints of the body from the neck to the knees.

7. Exercise


To get rid of joint pain and to take proper care of your health, you should make exercise a part of your daily routine. Swimming is the most beneficial exercise for joint pain.