Visa: Indian citizens can now get rid of the delay in obtaining a visa to visit the US read for more information...


The decision taken by the US Embassy officials to take a number of steps to eliminate the delay in the visa process is certainly a relief.

The biggest step that has been taken is that it has been decided to issue one lakh additional visas. As it is being claimed that the visa waiting time in America will be reduced to the same as it was before the corona epidemic. Right now people have to wait for eight hundred and forty-four days i.e. more than two and a half years for a visa. Apart from tourists, a large number of students from India go to America for jobs and studies. In such a situation, a long wait for visas creates new problems for the people and people are trapped in the vortex of uncertainty.


Significantly, due to the Corona epidemic, America had taken strict steps regarding its citizens coming here from other countries and stopped giving them visas. One of the major reasons behind this was that people coming from outside should not be the reason for spreading corona infection there, as well as the damage caused to the American economy by Corona and increased unemployment, the arrival of people was also restricted.

The issue of US visa delays is not new. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has also been raising this issue from time to time in talks with his American counterpart Antony Blinken. However, the arguments made by the US administration on visa delays have been incomprehensible.

The first is that the US government has been talking about the shortage of staff in its embassies. Also that in the recent past there has been a sudden increase in the number of people applying for visas. India got this thing even more because there were reports of students from China and Pakistan getting visas to America quickly.

It was found that the students from China are getting visas in two days, the students from Pakistan in one day, and the students from Sri Lanka in four days. In such a situation, it is natural to ask that a country like India, which is close to America and is its ally in all fields like business relations to education, defense, and IT, then why such discrimination against Indian students?


Now the US State Department has talked about making the visa rules process easier. Since there are many categories for visas, they all have to be taken care of. It is a matter of relief that the requirement of a personal interview has been done away with for many types of visas including educational visas.

At present, the emphasis is on those going to America for temporary employment. Apart from this, the number of H-1B visa holders is also substantial. Right now people from China and Mexico are getting the maximum number of visas. America, which keeps making various claims about relations with India, if it discriminates against Indian citizens like this, then obviously India will feel it.