Tulsi Water Astro Tips: These remedies for Tulsi water are very miraculous, read for the benefits...


The Tulsi plant is revered in Hinduism. It is believed that in the house where there is Tulsi, there is always happiness and prosperity. According to the scriptures, Goddess Lakshmi resides in the Tulsi plant. By worshiping Tulsi regularly one gets the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Sri Hari. The Tulsi plant in the house brings positive energy. The remedies of Tulsi water have been told in Vedic astrology. By doing these measures, the problem related to money ends. Happiness comes in the life of the native.


Miraculous remedies for tulsi water

  • - Put some basil leaves in the water in a copper or brass vessel. This will make the water holy and pure. This, Goddess Lakshmi, resides in the house.
  • Soak basil leaves in water overnight. Sprinkle this water in the whole house in the morning. Sprinkle this water in every corner of the house. By doing this, negative energy is removed from the house.
  • The month of Margshirsh is very dear to Shri Krishna. This month Lord Krishna should bathe with Tulsi water. For this, put basil in a glass of water. Now bathe Bal Gopal with this water.
  • Basil water is very beneficial for getting progress in the business. For this, put basil leaves in water and leave it for two to three days. Then sprinkle this water on yourself. Also sprinkle in shops, factories, offices, etc. This will eliminate negative energy.


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