Tuesday ritual: Doing these small measures on Tuesday will be of great benefit, read here for more...


The special importance of Tuesday in the week has been told. This day is dedicated to the troublemaker Lord Hanuman. This day is also considered special for the commander of the planet, Mars. According to astrology, Mars has been described as fierce. Due to the inauspicious effects of Mars, there are disputes in the family, vehicle accidents, and physical pain. Mars plays an important role in blood pressure-related diseases, mental problems, and migraine problems. Mars has to be made auspicious for a happy life. According to astrology, some measures have been given to pacify Mars. Let us know about those measures…


Mangalwar Upay: Remedies for Tuesday

1. You will be benefited by wearing Tulsi garland to Lord Hanuman Ji on Tuesday.

2. By offering boondi to Hanuman Ji on this day, all your troubles go away.

3. Offering vermilion and jasmine oil to Hanuman Ji Maharaj on Tuesday brings prosperity to the family.

4. Feeding jaggery gram to cows and monkeys on Tuesdays keeps peace in life.

5. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa regularly at least twice keeps you free from all diseases.

6. Red wick and ghee lamps should be shown in front of Lord Hanuman Ji Maharaj to avoid vehicle accidents.



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