Talking Sex in a Relationship: If you start a new relationship like this your partner will feel comfortable, read for more...


A new relationship is considered as tender as a newborn. It is very important to save it. When we are getting to know each other then it is very important to take utmost care of our feelings. Ease and simplicity should be brought into things. In such a situation, talking about many topics (Talking about Sex in a Relationship) becomes very tricky, for example, these days, while talking about sex, an essential aspect of a romantic relationship, special care is needed that the partner should be able to convey his point without hurting. Can be said somewhere


make your point

Whenever you talk about sex (Talking Sex in a Relationship), tell it openly. Express your wishes, hopes, likes, and dislikes clearly. According to the FPA, a well-known organization working on sexual health, partners can better please each other by including things like likes, dislikes, wants, and expectations.

Know the comfort level of the partner while talking

According to England's famous sexologist Kate Campbell, while talking about things like sex, be sure to know the comfort level of the partner. Respect the discomfort or disagreement. It is never fair to taunt your partner on something like a performance. Also, don't mention anything that can create fear or panic in the partner's mind.

Also, understand No to Sex


There should be an equal place of consent and disagreement in the relationship, if the partner has expressed disagreement regarding sex or any issue related to it, then consider that disagreement as paramount. The definition of sex is a physical relationship made between two adults with mutual consent. Forcing yourself without the consent of the partner will not be considered good anywhere.

In addition to these three top tips (Talking Sex in Relationship), sexologists also suggest that if the partner is comfortable, then you can also share your darkest fantasy, but if there is any discomfort or disagreement, then it would be better to stop there.