Research: Boys are more emotional than girls during a breakup, read this for more...


An international team of psychologists, led by researchers from Lancaster University, has done this research that after a breakup, men's heart hurts more than women's. This has been revealed in the results of research in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. This research has been done by an international team of psychologists under the leadership of researchers associated with Lancaster University. It is believed to be the first big data analysis of its kind on relationship-related problems.

More than one lakh people were involved in the research


Lead researcher Charlotte Entwistle says, 'We wanted to understand not only what problems ordinary people face in relationships, but also to know who faces more problems.' Using processing methods, the team analyzed the psychological characteristics of more than 184,000 people who posted their relationship problems on an anonymous online forum. Researchers studied the problems faced in each post to know about the most common problems faced in the relationship.

effect of breakup on men


According to the results of the study, problems related to communication are the most common problem in relationships. About 1 out of 5 people talked about communication problems. At the same time, 1 out of 8 people told about the problems related to trust in their relationship. During this, the emotional strength between men and women was also studied. The results revealed that men shared more experiences related to heartbreak than women. Its effect on them was also comparatively more profound. This shows that breakup or separation has a deep impact on men too.

This way you can avoid problems


Researchers say that traditionally, women are more likely to recognize relationship problems than men. When you look beyond traditional and societal views, men are just as emotionally involved in relationships as women. Researchers say that developing an accurate picture of relationship problems can help us understand why When and where things go wrong in relationships. Doing this potentially helps the couple avoid problems.