Relationship Tips: Ask this question to your partner before marriage, read this for a strong relationship...


 If you are planning to marry then this news is for you only. If you want a happy married life, then you must ask your partner some things before marriage.

Marriage is the most important decision of one's life. Marriage is not only the union of two families, but it is also the union of two unknown people. For harmony and love among themselves, some things must be decided before marriage.

Every partner should ask some questions about their future spouse before marriage. So let's find out what are those important questions.


Thinking about marriage-

  •  You must know thinking about marriage with your partner.
  • Is marriage for them only the happiness of their parents or is it her wish?
  • Talk openly and tell what she expects in her marriage i.e. from her life partner in marriage.

Family Planning - 

  • This is a very important question what your partner thinks about his family planning?
  • The opinion of both matters in this planning.

Job after marriage-


  •  It is necessary to ask questions about the job after marriage.
  • Especially girls must have asked this because usually, her job is the most objectionable.

Information about habits- 


  • Every partner needs to be aware of his life partner and his habits.
  • Friends, hobbies, discuss everything openly.