No to Sex: 82% of Indian women can say 'no' to their husbands for sex, read this article to know more...


The National Family Health Survey (NHFS), which came last week, has made many revelations regarding the sex relations of Indian couples. This survey says that 82% of Indian women can say no to their husbands about sex. According to this survey, most of the women of Lakshadweep are vocal about their relationship. On the other hand, the women of Ladakh and Jammu, and Kashmir are full of hesitation. There only about 60% and 65% of women talked about refusing sex when they were tired or not in the mood.

Women of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are also in favor of refusing openly.

The women of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, which are considered to be relatively backward in the country, also clearly put forth their stand on the matter of 'forbidding the husband if he does not have the mind' in the matter of physical relations. More than 81% of women of Bihar talked about keeping their disagreement openly in this matter, while 83% of women of Uttar Pradesh were vocal about refusing.

Women of Northeast India are clear about their dissent


If we take the news of the North Eastern States of India, then this survey directly tells that the women of these states are very clear about their consent and disagreement. Barring Meghalaya (about 74%) and Sikkim (about 78%), more than 80% of women in most states have openly recorded their 'no'. Mizoram is on top of this matter where 93% of women have kept the command in their hands.

What is the condition of Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana


The country's capital Delhi, which is the epicenter of many women's rights issues, is with the majority regarding these aspects. 88 percent women of in Delhi are aware of their disagreement, whereas only 73 percent women of in Punjab and 84 percent of Haryana women can speak openly. Alarming data has also come out about men from Punjab, in which about six out of ten men believe in having physical relations with their wives even after disagreements.