No to Nudes: Sending nude photos/video to a partner while having a sex chat can lead to jail, read here for more...


No to Nudes: Sending romantic messages (Sex Chat) is an issue between two people, but Indian law is taken strict action about this matter. Sending nudes in any kind of online message can land you in jail.

Porn Addiction 


 The mood of love is being created but there is some distance, that is, both partners are different. The phone was picked up as soon as the thought of reducing this distance came. To make the mood a little more romantic, sexting was initiated. Partner demanded nude and you sent it immediately. Sending romantic messages is indeed an issue between two people, but Indian law sticks its nose here. Sending nudes in any kind of message can land you in jail.

Sending Nude in Text can make you guilty


According to section 67A of the IT Act 2000 of Indian law, sending any such picture or message through any electronic means which can be considered obscene in any way, will be considered an offense. The punishment for committing this offense for the first time can be a fine of ten lakh rupees or imprisonment for up to five years. Repeatedly, the term of punishment can be increased to seven years in jail and a fine of up to ten lakh rupees.

So is Sex Chat with Consent also a crime?

Messages of a sexual nature sent without the consent of the other party ie the recipient are an offense... They are kept in the category of sexual harassment or sexual offense. Sending sexual messages to each other with each other's consent, that is, sexting does not come under the purview of obscenity, sending nude pictures or videos comes under the category of crime.

What is included under section 67A


Under this section, if any information is sent using a computer or any other electronic device(s) which may be considered obscene, i.e. you send or mail WhatsApp messages, text SMS, MMS ... Sex chat done in any manner will be considered a crime.

This means that while sitting, making love, there is a danger that you may be guarded by the law. So now whenever there is an intention to come to the partner sitting far away and you want to send nude in sexting, then definitely think once.