Love vs Attraction: Love with a partner or just attraction? Know here about these signs will tell the truth...


Love & Relationship Tips: Love and Attraction are two different things. If you also think about someone every moment or do not get peace without seeing him, then definitely check yourself once whether your passion is love or attraction.

In today's era, love and breakup happen very easily. Many times when we feel an attraction towards someone, we do not understand whether it is love or just attraction. It takes a long time to understand this love and attraction. After being in a relationship for some time, it is understood that your love was just attraction.

If you are also in love, then some signs will tell you whether you have only attraction towards your partner or true love. Just ask yourself some questions and explore your feelings. So let's know in which ways we can recognize love and attraction today.

are you worried about your partner?


Do you feel your partner's problems are yours or are you worried about them? If you care about his health to his financial problems, then your love is true, but as long as you live with your partner, you think his or her problems do not bother you a lot, then it is only for a few days. There may be an attraction.

Got crazy on seeing

Falling in love is a long process. Sometimes people fall in love at first sight and sometimes you fall in love with someone while living with them. There is a lot of difference between the two. Love, at first sight, is usually associated with attraction. When you fall in love by being influenced by someone's behavior and personality, then there is stability in it. Whereas many times love at first sight depends on looks and beauty. On getting better options, old partners sometimes start breaking. Explore yourself with these questions too.

What is the thinking about distance?


Do you feel sad about your partner's departure or does your love, in general, remain the same even after your partner's departure? Both these things are to be understood very closely. Many times you want to stick with your partner due to attraction, but if there is true love, then you miss him by going away but your love remains the same. There is no fear of losing you.

Miss your partner


True lovers keep their love alive even in long-distance relationships. He cares about his love and he waits for it too, but the opposite happens in attraction. A new search begins as soon as the partner goes away.

Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general beliefs and information.