Love Tips: If you want to make a girlfriend, then do not do these sexy things in the beginning, read for more...


If you want to make a girlfriend, then keep these things in mind. Do not talk about any sexual relationship with her in the beginning. Take care of the smell of your body. 

Many people have difficulty finding a girlfriend or should say that they do not get a girlfriend. Even after a lot of effort, many people do not get a girlfriend. There can be many reasons behind this. Those who have girlfriends consider themselves to be very smart and put an impression on their friends. Let us tell you some tips to make a girlfriend and make an impression on her (Simple Tips to Get Girlfriend)


Check Your Smell

What kind of smell is coming from your body, good or bad? It is very important to keep this in mind. Whenever you go in front of a girl, before you check, your body should smell. It makes a good impression.


Don't talk about sex in the beginning (Don't talk about condoms and sex)

In the beginning, do not talk about sex or condoms at all. Try to make a relationship with the girl first and then do some other things.


Give Value to Emotions (Talk About Emotions)

There should be the talk of feelings between the boy and the girl, in which there should be emotion. Do not talk about only physical relations or kissing in the beginning.


Don't Talk about relatives

Pay attention while making the girl your girlfriend, when you are talking to her, do not talk about relatives. Talk about yourself and her.


Select the right words while talking

Choose the right words while talking to girls, girls like people who speak a good language. Girls like those who have good intellect.


Smile (Give Smile)

Whenever you talk to a girl, talk with a smile on your face, so that she gives a positive response in the beginning.