Love Marriage: These are the 5 reasons that are why parents refrain from love marriage of children, read this article...


Whenever a boy and a girl start liking each other, then the next challenge before them is to persuade the family members to marry.

Everyone must have heard the saying that 'pairs are made in heaven, but still the people of the land do not believe this saying. Whenever it comes to marriage, people start manipulating it according to their own. In such a situation, when it comes to love marriage, it often becomes a big issue in Indian homes. In such a situation, the young generation does not understand why their parents are so against their love marriage. So let's know some special reasons for this-

1. Not trusting children's choices


Maybe your parents have always seen that you are not able to take the right decisions. Sometimes they have met your friends or girlfriend-boyfriend and they didn't like them. There can be any reason, due to which the thought is formed in their mind that your decision will not be correct. Maybe they are also afraid that the partner of their choice will not treat them well. In such a situation, he will always be against your love marriage.


2. Fear of being a stranger


Relationships in arranged marriages are formed through acquaintance or family. There is a belief attached to them that the one you are adopting is your own. But when it comes to love marriage, the family feels as if a relationship is about to be formed with a stranger. They feel that they are entrusting the life of their son or daughter in the hands of someone whom they do not know or will ever know properly.

3. No one loves marriage in the family


This is still the case in many families where there has never been a love marriage. Where all the marriages are arranged, getting a love marriage done there also becomes a matter of great trouble for the parents. They feel that their child should not break this tradition of the family by doing love marriage.

4. What Will People Say


Parents and family are also afraid of what people will say. If they get their child's love marriage done and the partner does not turn out to be right, then how many people will taunt them, many times parents do not say yes to love marriage even because of this fear. They start to fear relatives, neighbors, and society.