Love Life Tips: These hacks will make the deep marks of love bite disappear in minutes read to know more...


Often, during couple intimacy, they kiss so strongly that their skin gets a scar on the skin i.e. love bites. You can disappear these dark red or brown love bites in a pinch so that you do not feel embraced in front of anyone. So let's know the tips and tricks to do Love Bite Removal.

When couples engaged in love see a love bite, they often get very upset. If you have the problem of seeing love bite around the neck, face, or ear, then this news is very useful for you. Here we will tell some such tricks which will make your love bite disappear in minutes.

Whenever any part of the body is kissed forcefully, a love bite occurs. It is also called a kiss mark. Kissing on the skin for a long time causes blood to accumulate there and a blue, brown, or red colored mark emerges. So let's know what are the easy ways to make love bite disappear.

How to remove love bite


Use alcohol

Alcohol is bacteria free. Take a little of it in the freezer and freeze it and rub it with a light hand on the bitten place. Alcohol and cold will make these marks disappear faster. After the alcohol has dried, apply moisturizer on the mark.

Saltwater ice

If there is no alcohol, then mix salt in plain water and freeze it in the freezer. When ice is formed, massage it on the bite. Blood clotting will go away and the scar will disappear.

Massage with banana peel


Take a banana peel and massage the area with a love bite. Its peel contains an element called lutein which easily removes the marks of a love bite.

Heating pad


When blood coagulates, fomentation is done. If you wish, use a heating pad to apply heat to the scarred area, this will increase blood circulation and make the stain disappear.

Cold spoon will be effective

In the struggle to get rid of love bite, a cold spoon can prove to be a very effective recipe. For this, first, keep a spoon in the freezer to cool down, and after some time massage the love bite with a spoon.

Apart from this, you can also cool mint and aloe vera and keep them on the affected skin. Just be careful not to rub it, try to remove the mark with a light hand.