Love Letter: When the great writer Leo Tolstoy asked in the letter - Do you want to be my wife? read these interesting words of love...


Leo Tolstoy was such a great writer and thinker of Russia from whom even Mahatma Gandhi took inspiration. He was not only a good writer but also fought for his country by joining the army. Tolstoy gave importance to the mental and physical development of children and their education and also worked for it, that is why Mahatma Gandhi also considered him as his ideal.

Mahatma Gandhi has been recorded in the history books as a spiritual disciple of Leo Tolstoy. Marxist thinker Lenin was also greatly influenced by the writings of Leo Tolstoy. He even once told Russian writer Maxim Gorky that if you want to learn to write, learn from Tolstoy..!

The one whose writing has been so famous all over the world, what would he have written in his love letter, how would he have written it... Such questions often come to our minds. These questions are also common, so here is the letter of Leo Tolstoy which he wrote to Sophia when he wanted to marry her and he could not get any answer from Sophia. writes-



I can't stand it anymore! Every day for the last three weeks I told myself that just today I will tell you everything, but every day I left here with the same regret, fear, and happiness in my soul.

Tell me the you want to be my wife? Give me the answer so that you can live with full confidence and from the depths of your heart. If you see even a shadow of a doubt, then deny it. For God's sake, examine your heart carefully. Your refusal will be terrible for me, but I am ready for it and I have the power to accept it. But when I am your husband, it would be terrible for me not to love you as much as I love you.


At the time when Tolstoy wrote this letter, it was believed that Tolstoy was not in love with Sophia but with her elder sister Elizabeth. At the same time, he wrote this letter to Sophia. Here is a part of that letter.

Story of Marriage


Leo married Sophia in 1862. Sophia was a woman from an upper-class elite family. Sophia was 16 years younger than Leo at the time of marriage and they both had 13 children. Many things are said about the married life of Leo and Sophia. It has also been written in many places that Leo could not prove to be a good husband after marriage. His thoughts continued to overshadow Sophia's life.

An anecdote related to this also comes to the fore that on the wedding night itself, Leo had given that diary to Sophia to read, in which many things related to his past life's love affair, alcohol, gambling, etc. were recorded. Sophia could not tolerate the reality written in this diary and from that day onwards a sourness had arisen in their relationship. Although the two always remained together until Leo himself left his house.

Leo's Novels

Leo Tolstoy is a name in the literary world whose ability and contribution can never be denied. He has given the world three such greatest novels which have remained relevant and popular across generations. His novel War and Peace is considered one of the best books in the world. And Anna Karenina has also been a very popular novel.