Home Care: Give smart look to your home with these tips, read here for more...


The days when interiors designer could be seen only in hotels or restaurants. Now houses are also being given a modern look by him. That means it is in trend nowadays for homes too.

VM Director of Design Group, Interior Designer, and Senior Architect Mohan explains that although the theme of the house depends on personal desire, in today's changing lifestyle, everyone prefers a trendy look. Now there are many creative ways by which you can give a new look to your home.

Designer Walls: Walls can be presented in the best form by changing methods of painting and other arts.


Modern Painting Trends: Nowadays it is in trend to do combination colors, like white color paint with dark red or white color paint with brown color looks very attractive. In combination color, 2 walls should be done in dark color and 2 walls should be done in a light color.

Graphical Paintings: Graphical paintings give a very attractive look to the walls. In this, dots, circles, cubes, and stripes are designed using paint of many colors on the wall.

Stylish Wallpaper: Wallpaper applied on the walls not only hides the shortcomings of the walls but also gives them a trendy look. Animal printed, wood-looking, velvet flocked, bricks, and stone wallpapers are in trend, which should be selected according to the color of the room furniture. While there is no need to paint the walls by applying wallpaper, they can also be cleaned easily.

Special Designing: Designing one wall with stone, tiles, and woodwork gives a very nice look.

Smart Flooring: Flooring changes the look of the entire house. Nowadays laminated wood flooring is in trend. Not only is it easy to clean, but it also doesn't even get scratched. Apart from this, marble and tiles flooring is also available in attractive colors and shapes. The floor can also be decorated with acrylic carpet, carpet with embroidery, and stonework.


Lightning: To give a luxurious look to the house, install hanging pendants, chandeliers (branched lighting hanging from the ceiling), wall lanterns, and wall lights, which are usually installed in the drawing room. Accent lights are used to highlight a particular place. This is a good option for the living room.

Architect and interior designer Mohan says that dim light looks good in the bedroom, while footlight is again coming to a trend in the bedroom. Mohan recommends using eco-friendly lights like CFLs.

Funky Furniture: The specialty of funky furniture is its color combination and creative shapes. It is made in various stylish shapes like round, flower, and leaf shapes. You will find a variety of funky sofas, beds, cupboards, dressing tables, etc.


Interior designer Mohan suggests that if the floor is of a light color, the furniture of a darker color suits well.

Designer Handloom: Give your home a smart look with attractive bedsheets, pillows, and sofa covers. Various types of curtain accessories are available in the market today, such as tassels, designer rods, etc. Curtains of 2 contrasting colors also give a trendy look. Nowadays curtains are also used to divide the room, due to which the look of the room changes. Put curtains according to the season. The color of the curtains should be light in summer, while dark colors should be used in winter. Apart from this, sofa covers and cushions look good in contrast color with the color of the sofa.

Green Look: Most people like to give green look to the house. This not only makes the house look attractive, but such an interior also reduces stress.

Inside Plants: Some plants do not require direct sunlight. They are a great option for decoration and to give a natural look to the home. Decorate them on the balcony.


Swinging gardens: These are tied with colorful plastic rope or wire and planted on the balcony or courtyard. Some hanging plants can also be installed inside the house. Basket plants and floating container plants are available in many colors and shapes in the market.

Modern Kitchen: The interior of the kitchen should be full of inspiration. The modern kitchen is everyone's choice in the age of technology.


Modular Kitchen: Nowadays modular kitchen is in trend. Flooring and walls are also given a smart look with wooden laminated and sliding technique drawers and cabinets, a modern stove, an electric chimney, a designer sink, and containers to prevent corrosion and termites. They are not only open and airy but also manageable and eco-friendly. Modular kitchen is available in a variety of designs and colors. Its automatic kitchen accessories, such as an automatic disposal system, and alarm facilities when gas is exhausted and temperature rises, make it special.

Kitchen Accessories: Especially such accessories should be installed in the kitchen, which are fashionable as well as useful.

Chimney: There are many varieties of chimneys available. Due to this smoke does not collect and the temperature remains controlled. Some chimneys do automatic cleaning while some have to be cleaned manually.

Modern Burner: Today there is a trend of multiple and auto spark burners. Many types of dishes can be prepared in this. It doesn't even require a lighter to run it.

Designer Crockery: Many types of melamine and microwave crockery will be available in the market, which is available in attractive designs and colors. Being unbreakable it lasts for a long time. Apart from this, designer kitchenware stands, containers and sinks are also available.

Walls and Floors: Although the walls of the kitchen are usually surrounded by cabinets, so get oil-based paint on the cabinets so that they can be cleaned easily. To protect the rest of the walls from dirt, install dark-colored tiles on them. The kitchen floor also looks bigger with dark-colored tiles. Any bright color can be done on the upper walls, such as orange, green, chili red, etc. Stone, glass tiles, and wood flooring look very good in the kitchen. It is advisable to paint eco-friendly washable paint on the walls.

Smart Studio Apartments: Studio apartments are perfect for small families. In these, the drawing room, and bedroom do not get separate space. In this, a single large living room is made, with which a separate kitchen and bathroom are attached. That is why the interior of such an apartment should be such that it attractively presents the small space.

Sleek Furniture: Although sleek furniture is preferred in all homes, it is very important to use it, especially in small houses, because it not only occupies less space, it also looks elegant.

Creative furniture: Who doesn't like furniture that can be adapted to your needs, such as a sofa cum bed. For this, you will not have to take a separate bed. While during the day it will act as a sofa, at night, open it completely and make a bed. Similarly, creative folded tables, chairs, and stools are also available in the market, which you can spread whenever you want and keep in the cabinet for the rest of the time.

Fashionable dividers: Nowadays, large halls are given a designer look through partitions. Fashionable dividers prove to be very useful in studio apartments, as they also maintain privacy and a room can be easily divided into two parts. Nowadays, partitioning through sliding glass or designer wood walls is in trend.


Minimal Art Accessories: Minimal art was popular in the 1950s. Then it came into the market only in the context of sculptures and paintings. This art is influenced by the traditional design and architecture of Japan. ? There is a lot of variety of furniture in the market along with showpieces, paintings, and antiques with minimal art. The specialty of these is that they are sleek, stylish, and of excellent quality. Gives a classy look to the house with simplicity. Such accessories save the house from overloading. The room looks big and creative too. Minimal art accessories are even more commendable, especially for designing small homes.

With these new technologies, you can design a smarter and more youthful home.