Hair Care: Try easy ways to increase hair length, see here for the remedies...


There is no way to make hair long at once. If your haircut goes bad then this situation looks worse than worse why your hair doesn't grow long soon?

Usually, only half an inch of hair grows in a month, and if your hair is healthy, it will never split. After a point, the growth of hair stops. In such a situation, we feel that till now they were growing properly, why suddenly their height has stopped increasing.

If you are fond of lengthening your hair, then keep the following tricks and tips in mind, they will prove to be very useful for you.

1. Get regular trims:


Get your hair trimmed lightly every 2-4 weeks. It may seem strange to you, but in reality, hair growth becomes faster, and shine also remains in them. Along with this, split ends also come out.

2. Conditioner

Whenever you wash your hair, make sure to apply conditioner. This gives adequate nutrition and moisturization to the hair. Also, if there is any harmful effect of shampoo, then it also corrects it.

3. Hair Mask:


Every week must apply a hair mask to your hair. You can also make a hair mask at home. If you do not have any idea about ​​hair masks, then you can also give oil treatment to your hair. This gives moisture to the hair and makes it soft.

4. Use Satin Pillow:

If you want to make your hair healthy, then apply a cotton pillow, this will reduce hair fall and the moisture of the hair will not be absorbed by the pillow.

5. Head Massage:


By massaging the head, the circulation of blood becomes good, due to which the growth of hair increases. By massaging the head, new hair also grows. The dead skin of the scalp also comes off.

6. Wash Regularly:

If your hair remains dry, then wash them with a good shampoo after oiling them. If the hair is very dry, wash it twice a week. This makes the hair healthy and the oil found in the hair makes hair shinier.

7. Brush Hair:


Make sure to brush the hair at least three times a day. Keep the hair open before sleeping and sleep only after combing it well. When the hair is wet, never brush it, it breaks it. Untangle the hair with love, otherwise, they become weak.