Electricity: Now prepaid smart electricity meters will be installed in homes from the new year, read to know the effect of this...


The work of installing prepaid digital smart meters in the homes of 59 lakh electricity consumers (domestic, commercial, agricultural) of Chhattisgarh will now start from the new year 2023. The work of installing smart meters was to start in November 2022. The officials of the power company had also done the tender process for this. It was to be opened on November 10 after the tender process. The process got stuck due to a technical problem during the opening of the tender. Company officials are talking about doing this process again after a few days. Therefore, preparations are on to start the work of converting meters into smart meters from January 2023.


Work will be done in three phases

According to the official of the power company, preparations have been made to install prepaid smart meters in three phases. In the first phase, the meters installed in transformers were to be changed, in the second phase, the meters of domestic consumers were to be changed, and then in the third phase the meters of commercial consumers would be changed.

Will be able to recharge sitting at home


With the installation of smart meters, there will be many changes in the system. With the stoppage of electricity theft, consumers will be able to recharge their electricity meter from their mobile while sitting at home. The complaint will never come to the department that the bill has come this month because the consumer will have to recharge the amount of electricity they burn.

It will be mandatory to install in business institutions, industries

Smart meters will be compulsorily installed in homes as well as in business institutions, and industries. The advantage of this will be that the problem of paying the bill will end by getting the recharge done. Officials say that by recharging in advance, most consumers will avoid spending more electricity.

Manoj Khare, MD, Chhattisgarh Electricity Distribution Company said, a tender process has been done for the installation of smart digital meters. Tried to open the tender, but could not be opened due to a technical problem. Now the process of re-opening the tender will be followed.