Education: The girls reach school through the forest and a genuine demand to build a road: read this for more...


Today's children are our tomorrow's future and it is our responsibility to educate them. But these children are facing difficulties to get educated. Kamar children of Bahnapathra village under the Kukrel block of the district are forced to go to school through the forest to study. Even the people here have to face a lot of problems traveling. At the same time, the children here have demanded to build a road. Panch Nageshwari Netam of Ward No. 4 of Bahnapathra says that this has been discussed several times in the panchayat, but no work has been done so far.


In fact, there are about 17 Kamar families living in Bahnapathra, a dependent village of Kantakurridih Gram Panchayat, which comes under the Kukrel block. Whose population is around 70? 20 boys and girls of 10 to 12 years old live in it. Six-year-old Kaneshwar Kamar, Kiran Phoolbati, Biran, Roshni, and Siyaram, all these Kamar girls cross three kilometers of forest every day and go to primary school and middle school in the village Kantakurridih.

Kumari Roshni, who is studying in class VII, told that it is very difficult to come so far every day to study because neither the road is properly constructed nor do we have any means to go to school. The biggest thing is the road by which we go to school, there is a forest for two kilometers. Due to this, they are always in fear of wild animals.


Panch Nageshwari Netam of Ward No. 4 of Bahnapathra told that the Panchayat had built a road from Bahnapathra to Kantakurrridih in 2013-14, but there is a need for culverts at five places in this road. Due to this, the work on the road is lying incomplete. There is a lot of difficulty in coming and going. That's why all the people of Bahnapathra come and go through the forest route. Regarding the construction of a culvert on this road, the discussion has been held several times in the panchayat. It may be known that the condition of roads in many villages of Vananchal is from bad to worse, due to which one has to face a lot of difficulties in commuting.