Break Up: What Can Heal The Pain Of Break Up Rebound Relation, read here for more...


After breaking up in a love relationship, we always try to find an alternative. Some people find some new support to deal with loneliness and to forget the bitterness of their past relationship, in such a situation the relationship they make an option is called a Rebound Relationship.


1. Break Up


This rebound relationship tries to fill the tension and loneliness that comes in the life of a breakup. With the rebound relationship, you try to fill that void.

2. Rebound relationship


A rebound relationship can also start with friendship many times, if your friend understands you properly or is very close to you, he can help you. He may try to give you love in a new relationship

3. Benefits of a Rebound relationship


A rebound relationship is created only when you break your old relationship. You should start this relationship only when the old one is completely over.

4. Side effects of a rebound relationship


You are physically present in that relationship but emotionally you are somewhere else. That's why you can't give your whole heart to a rebound relationship

5. Side effects of a rebound relationship


It is not that easy to get out of the bitterness of an old relationship. In such a situation, 100 percent is not given in the existing relationship.