Winter Special: These are 7 healthy tiffin dishes for kids, see the dishes here...


Like every mother, you will also have the biggest responsibility to give healthy and tasty food in the child's tiffin and after returning from school, take out the tiffin from his school bag and see whether he has eaten lunch or not and then the half-incomplete food left in the tiffin. Seeing your hard work and your child's health getting ruined like this is bound to make you angry.

If you want your child's tiffin to have both health and taste, then you have to pay attention to the taste buds of the child. Remember, everyone gets tired of eating the same food every day. In such a situation, seeing parantha vegetables in tiffin every day, the child starts stealing from eating it. As a result, along with the hard work from preparing your tiffin to packing it, the child's health will also suffer.

Admittedly, it is difficult to give the child's desired dishes in tiffin every day. But with the tiffin ideas mentioned here, your difficulty can be reduced.

Protein Chilla


Instead of making gram flour cheela, make cheela with multigrain i.e. mixed grain flour or whole moong or mixed pulses. The method of making protein chilla is like normal gram flour chilla. The only twist is to soak the pulses overnight and grind them coarsely. Instead of water, add vegetable stock or thin curd mixed with water to make batter for cheela. Now mix finely chopped vegetables, salt, and spices in it and make delicious cheela. Send protein cheela in tiffin with the child's favorite sauce.

Sweet White Figs


If your little one likes sweets, then do not feed him things made of artificial sweeteners. Even though these things will give the taste of sweetness, they will have a bad effect on health. To make Sweet White Figs, put figs, milk, and coconut powder in a pan and cook till the milk dries up. Now grind the figs and make a paste. Add desi ghee to the pan and fry this paste. Now add sesame seeds, honey, cardamom powder, and almonds and fry for some more time. Make balls when it cools down. Apply cashew to each bowl. Sweet white figs are a sweet and healthy option to serve as a sweet dish in tiffin.

Cheesy Porridge


Hardly any child likes porridge. But you can add paneer to the simple porridge and make it a favorite dish of the child. Not only paneer but simple porridge can also be made yummy by adding Nutriella, broccoli, sprouted pulses, moong or masoor dal, and rice.

colorful dough

Do not knead the dough for roti and paranthas with just plain water. Use lentil water, milk, vegetable stock, vegetable juice, or vegetable paste for this.

Paneer Uttapam


Uttapam is made from rice batter. To make it more tasty and nutritious, make it protein-rich. To make the batter for uttapam, mix curd in semolina and dissolve it. Add finely chopped desired vegetables, grated paneer, and seasoning as per taste.


As far as possible, instead of adding fruit salt, use sour curd. Spread the mixture in a circle in a nonstick pan. Shallow fry the uttapam from both sides. Grate paneer and sprinkle chaat masala on the prepared uttapam. Do not forget to serve green chutney or tomato chutney with uttapam in tiffin.

Corn Kebabs


You are aware of the properties of corn. If you want your child to get the nutrients of corn, then you have to feed it in different dishes. Corn kebab is a better option for this. For this mix boiled and coarsely ground corn kernels, grated paneer, finely chopped vegetables, and desired seasonings in boiled potatoes. Now make small kebabs of this mixture and deep fry them. Put the prepared corn kebabs in the tiffin with tamarind chutney. If you want to give less oil to the child, then make small flat balls of the mixture and shallow fry them in a nonstick pan.

Tangy Upma


The sweet and sour taste of tomatoes appeals to children. You send the nutritional value of tomatoes by serving them in children's tiffin. For this, a slight change has to be made in the simple sooji upma. While making semolina upma, use tomato juice or pulse water or vegetable stock instead of water. Seasoning with salt and spices to enhance the taste. To make upma crunchy and tasty, add nuts to it. Serve tangy upma with tomato ketchup in tiffin.