The government may change the rules for issuing SIM cards to stop forgery, read this article for more information...


To prevent the misuse of SIM cards, the government can change the rules for their issuance in the coming time. The government is constantly working to get SIM cards with fake names. In such a situation, the idea of ​​tightening the KYC rules is going on. Along with changing the rules, the government has also approved the creation of a Data Analytics Center for monitoring. But before this, the government can make important changes to issue SIM cards.

These changes can be SIM card rules


According to the news, it will not be easy to get a SIM card under a fake name in the coming times. The government is considering reducing the list of required documents. At present, a SIM card can be taken by giving 21 types of documents, the government will now reduce its number to 5-6. Soon for this, changes in the rules (sim card new rule) can be issued by the end of this month. Documents will be valid in which both address and photo identity proof will be there. Like Aadhar, Voter Card, Passport, Arms License, and Electricity Bill. Apart from this, others will be removed.

Taking SIM cards from fake documents will not be easy

According to the news, the Digital Communications Commission has approved the setting up of a data analytics center a few days ago to prevent getting SIM cards from fake papers or fake documents. Such centers will help in reducing SIM card fraud, KYC-related fraud, organized fraud, and financial cybercrime which happens from telecom resources.

need to be careful


Every year lakhs of crores of rupees are cleared from the account through a fake sim card. By adopting all kinds of tricks, fraudsters do fraud against common people by trapping them in their nets. In such a situation, you need to be more careful. Whenever there is a suspicious call or an offer comes, it would be better if you do not fall into its trap.