Dating app: If you also use dating apps, then definitely take these 5 precautions, read for more...


Dating Apps like Bumble, OkCupid, and are used a lot these days. They are being used not only by the youth but also by the singles of the middle age group.

The use of online dating apps is no longer limited to big cities only. Facebook or any other social media site also leads to friendship and sometimes even love. If you are also an online dating application user, then some things must be kept in mind. This is very important for your safety and to avoid any untoward incident.

1. Do not share personal details


There is no harm in using online dating applications, but it is very important to be careful at your level. Do not share personal details like address, phone number, etc. in the initial conversation itself. This is very important for your safety.

2. Don't do the initial meeting alone


Many people have also found their love or partner by using online dating applications. If you have decided to meet the partner you met through the online app, then definitely take some precautions. Never do the initial meeting at your home or your partner's home. Do not meet in any lonely, isolated place, hotel room, etc. It would be better to have an initial meeting in a public place and take a friend, brother or sister, or someone along with you.

3. Do not share personal photos, videos, etc.


Private photographs and videos are sometimes used to carry out criminal designs. Maybe there is no doubt in your heart about the person you met on the dating application. It may also happen that you have a desire for a long partnership with them but still, to be safe it would be good that you never share your pictures, videos, etc. This vigilance is necessary not only for women but also for men.

4. Transaction of money is not a wise act at all


It is common to ask for money or expensive gifts by emotionally blackmailing the partner through dating applications. Many times people suffer a lot from this. Be alert immediately if such demand comes from the partner met through the dating application. Do not deal with expensive gifts and money at all.
5. Don't share the dark side of life

Many people start using dating applications even when they are lonely or under stress. Often in a weak moment, people share personal things like their weaknesses and family information. If you are also struggling with mental stress or loneliness then it would be better to find some creative interests for yourself. The partner met through the dating application may take advantage of your weakness or harm you in the future.